Hawksmoor Breakfast

Is the bottomless coffee on the menu yet?

We went along to the soft launch of Hawksmoor’s brunch a couple of weeks ago.  The menu’s initial launch was eagerly greeted around here because it affords the 9-5/M-F crowd the opportunity to try the much lauded burger, supposedly one of the best in London.

We went for the shared breakfast that day instead.  What arrived was the mountain of carniverous delights that you see above.  Bacon chop. Ginger Pig special recipe Sausages. Black Pudding. Fried Eggs. Field Mushrooms. Tomatoes. Short Rib Bubble and Squeak. Marrow. Dripping Toast. Some green stuff as a token and Onion Marrow gravy on the side.

:: Marmalade Martini, Bottomless Bloody Mary #10 mix, rehydration OJ ::

I was feeling slightly delicate after a late night and so the marrow might have been a step too far. Curiously I’d just been reading Julie Powell‘s description of her cooking Julia Child’s Bifteck Saute Bercy where she describes marrow sauce as ‘rich, meaty intense, in a nearly too-much way…it tasted like really good sex’ (her italics)  For me it was a step too far that particular morning, or probably would have worked in a sauce.  However overall the meat was perfectly cooked and the Trotter Baked Beans – homemade beans with pulled pork were soft and slightly piquant – fabulous. Next visit, I’d happily have those on dripping toast alone. I coveted the Staub Cocotte horribly too.

:: Trotter Baked Beans ::

:: Shaky Pete behind the bar ::

The bar has quite the Manhattan feel but it’s resolutely British in attitude- as they have pointed out, the word brunch originated here.   We  gave them feedback as requested: interesting to see that the Full English is now available as a single portion and not just for two. Will clarified that you can request the eggs in that dish to be cooked any way you’d like, and we put in our plea for bottomless coffee too.  Tea is more their priority.  I loved how their drinks menu focusses on gin rather than vodka, a refreshing change and the Marmalade Martini was eye-openingly sharp but welcome in the context of such a hearty meal.

Stars *****

The staff are super-sweet and delightfully proud and invested in the restaurant.  I think the way to do the Hawksmoor brunch is at the start of a big weekend, to set yourself right up, probably with a group. And possibly just go for the big one: the Hawksmoor burger for breakfast.

Hawksmoor, 157 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ

020 7247 7392

6 thoughts on “Hawksmoor Breakfast

    • Thanks – it’s worth a visit (if only for the special Ginger Pig sausages. Though I think they’re going to start selling ‘the Hawksmoor’ in their shops soon too)

  1. Hi there, this breakfast looks fantastic, I would love to check it out if they let in well behaved diners who are only 2 feet high! Those beans look the business!

    Lovely to see you this morning if we didn’t quite manage a chat but I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities and we’ll recognise each other straight away next time.

    • I think if the diner was highchair confined (assuming that they supply them) and unable to help themselves to the steak-knives then they’d probably be pretty amenable!
      Yes, looking forward to our paths crossing again.

  2. Hello! This sounds a whole universe more exciting than a bacon sarnie…

    I’ve only been to Hawksmoor in the evening (living outside London makes breakfast difficult if I’m not staying over, but I love their steaks so much it’s worth the trip just to eat there), and this sounds so good I’ll make the effort next time I’m around on an appropriate morning.

    Sarah – the Wolseley breakfast is also fab (if not structured quite so much around lovely MEAT), and they’re very baby and toddler friendly. Last time I was there I saw Michael Winner barging a little old lady with a stick out of the way in his rush to a table. I didn’t have the presence of mind to say “Calm down, dear” to anyone.

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