Boo Biscuits

Time might be short for Halloween this year, although I’m still determined to get my hands on some tinned pumpkin…

I made these ghostie cookies using a Martha recipe – chocolate ginger biscuits.  It needs some refinements – the fresh ginger needs to be exceptionally finely minced, I’d reduce the amount of baking powder, and roll them out more finely to get a crisper biscuit.

The other problem I had with them was that the dough was insanely soft and sticky. I ended up chilling it for two days (ok, I forgot about it) and then had to use lots of flour and roll using clingfilm and parchment!  The smiles came from a mini aspic cutter. Knew that they would prove to be a crucial purchase.  Eventually.

So far they’ve had good reports. I sent about 95% of them away out of the house (without taking photos). If the baking is going to start in earnest around here again, we might have to resurrect the Baked Goods Taster Panel.

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