16 weeks

I can’t make up my mind if the first trimester of pregnancy flew by or dragged.

Here’s what I remember from these three months.

  • the moment the little cross appeared, unmistakeable and immediate, in the display window on the test
  • hellishly sore boobs
  • not being sick, hurrah!
  • wanting to tell everyone – and we did tell close friends well before the twelve week mark
  • the metallic taste
  • losing the craving for [any food] as soon as we have some in the house
  • being completely repulsed by red meat
  • stuffing myself with Marmite on toast for exactly ten days then reverting to loathing it
  • slightly regretting throwing out all my ‘fat’ clothes when we moved house as they would have been grand as maternity clothes
  • everyone saying we were ‘quick off the mark’ getting pregnant just after our wedding – I remind them I’m old
  • the delight of early scans at 6, 8 and 10 weeks – fried egg, mini human, dancing baby stage
  • unremittingly itchy back and one cracked, Sahara-level dry hand
  • getting increasingly excited about finding out if it’s a boy or a girl
  • immense gratitude to friends who are donating baby stuff
  • low level but persistent tiredness which refuses to ease off
  • the constant and loud brain ticker of I’m-pregnant-I’m-pregnant-I’m-pregnant of the early days
  • utter glee at not having to change the cat litter
  • the excitement on my parents’ face when we told them over Skype
  • the first gentle butterfly flickers – this morning

That’s just for starters. Wondering what’s coming in round two.

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