Wild ambitions about childraising I will cherish til I actually have a child

  1. That I will make sure to get up way before my husband to ensure I get a shower before he leaves for work
  2. That I will get back to a healthy weight after the baby is born (note: this is sadly distinctly different to ‘My pre-pregnancy weight’)
  3. That I will cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and evening (as I don’t manage that now, it seems a little ambitious)
  4. That I will eat a balanced and healthy diet and ensure the rest of my family do the same (see notes on last point)
  5. That I’ll be less chaotic and neurotic about many many things and focus on the baby (latter part stands a chance)

Yesterday morning we had a short but interesting lying-in-bed chat that probably revealed more about my state of mind than any other conversation in our comparatively short but happy happy happy relationship. I told him some of the things that bother me about myself, and some of my perceptions. His eyes widened slightly (in surprise, not fear. I think.)

“But why would you think that?” he asked, full of curiosity,

“You’re perfect.”

No, I’m not. But I’m certainly very lucky.

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