Reading about Tara Cain’s Blogger Wedding Album prompted me to look through our own wedding photos.  We got married last September and moved into our house two weeks later (after living out of suitcases in a friend’s flat for a fortnight) and now our first baby’s on the way. It feels like I’ve barely unpacked and we’re now wondering where we can relocate everything from the spare room so it can become a nursery.

But I do know where the picture frames are. I should get a few shots printed off and get them up there before I’m knee deep in nappies.

The first picture is a pretty good way of summing up us, and our day. Me, the man, and cake. (Guinness and Ginger and it was delish.) We married at 10 am and then headed to the pub for breakfast. Followed by afternoon tea. Very us. We would have had pizza in the evening but nobody had any room. 

The second (click the tiny arrow to left or right of image above) won’t be printed out because, hey, you can’t really see either of us in it terribly well. I’ve no idea what joke we were sharing. But it makes me smile every time I see it.