What ever have you been doing?

I turned my back away from the blog (to check on the baby) and three months pass.

What’s been happening? Well we’ve mostly been getting to know the little man, and becoming obsessed with sleep like most parents of a new small baby. It’s both a qualitative and a quantitative issue.

We’ve taken him on a ferry to Ireland, and on a plane to Italy, with alternate sets of grandparents.

0-3m clothes have already been packed away. Everything seems incredibly tiny now, although he seemed quite big enough to me when he arrived.

Halloween costumes are ready (shop bought, and gifted, not made. Are you crazy?)

Occasionally, the Socks of Punishment have been deployed when Mum’s eyes are at serious risk.

We’ve had many a very productive day when everybody in the household is “dressed to shoes” before Mr D leaves for work, and the dishwasher is emptied or a load of laundry goes through. Those are the new benchmarks for success!

We have counted our lucky stars every morning that he has proven he can sleep for more than seven hours at a stretch, if he chooses.

There was anguish, unnecessarily, about careless words from a doctor that made us very very worried, without justification, when he first arrived. More on that soon.

Hours have been spent getting breastfeeding established. It’s probably been a more arduous journey than the actual birth. Equally, more on that to come.

The pear tree in the garden has been sadly ignored this year, but we have found someone to help us with the garden, hurrah! Inside the house we’ve made plans for a new kitchen. There’s much excitement about baking starting again in earnest in this house – my current oven is just a processing plant for binnable ingredients. Nothing survives it. And dammit, breastfeeding women need cake. I’m sure one of the books said so.

We had Mr D home with us for almost three months due to unforeseen but happy circumstances which gave us a brilliant start to family life. It also reduced the number of nappies I had to change, which is never a bad thing. It also reduced the number of days I’ve had to be focussing on the ‘dressed to shoes’ thing.

I missed blogging, and then realised it was mostly going to be written a sentence or two at a time on a smartphone when doing something else – during naps, breastfeeding, waiting in line at the post office (not all at the same time). Then decided that was slow, but acceptable.

Mostly, we’ve been hanging out. Feeling very happy about being a family.

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