Weaning for mums

Much excitement around here at the moment, and most of it is food related. Firstly we’re getting a new kitchen. Mr D cooks burgers. I bake. We inherited a crappy oven that looked perfectly respectable but either raged like a bushfire or blew temperature raspberries at us. You can get away with overcooking meat but baking was a disaster. I eventually got really stroppy about the squandered time and the waste of ingredients and stopped baking altogether. Now there is a ginormous range cooker with a double oven in our kitchen. In the middle of the kitchen, admittedly, and not connected yet, but it’s in there. Snow and shitty plaster has slowed things down.

The youngster has started on solids and he’s eating everything like a champ. Well, except carrot. “The carrot face” is something I never really want to see again. He thought I was trying to murder him with orange mush, the poor wee fellow. Then the next day he happily scarfed down avocado, which I wouldn’t have predicted (although it seems from an informal poll that lots of people loathe carrot – really?)

Alongside I’m kind of weaning myself. I am trying to avoid eating things that I wouldn’t want him to eat. So far it’s working pretty well. There are lots of things I’d like to do in 2013 and frankly none of them revolve around me still looking six months pregnant. Rather than envisaging next summer with a wildly laughing one year old speeding off into the distance and me panting while running after him, I want to get back to a healthy weight. Without much effort, frankly. And then I will win the lottery… So here’s how I am planning to do it.

  • I think having company helps. Some of my lovely online mum friends are doing this with me, a bit like Kate’s Wobbles Wednesday. Today’s our weigh in day. We have a private Facebook group to support each other.
  • I’m working out what works for me. Personally I really miss doing some exercise. At one point in my life I ran a lot. I loved it. So I’m back on a Couch 2 5k program which has helped me lost 8lbs in three weeks. The snow has scuppered things a bit but rather than get despondent I am going to restart week 2, which I’d completed, again. I don’t think I’ll ever run long distances again but getting to 5k would be great and something that’s hopefully still achievable while looking after the youngster. It’s also some precious time to myself that ironically gives me much more energy to deal with the boy.
  • And crucially, rather than get too hung up on excluding foodstuffs (I’ve done low-carb, low-fat, Weightwatchers, LighterLife light in the past…) I am using an approach which is based on cognitive behavioural therapy. This is the year that I need to change my habits. I want to make sure that the young man doesn’t grow up with lots of hang-ups about what he eats. So I have to set a better example – everything in moderation, eh?
  • Setting goals and deadlines – I want to lose 10% of my body weight by my birthday, which is a reasonable goal and something concrete to aim for.

All this needs to be done with care – care for myself. Can’t be doing with persecuting myself. I’ve got an oven to test. Just need to make sure I don’t eat all the products myself!

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