A slow blog

All the chat about slow blogging has intrigued me. When I started blogging in 2006 (late bloomer as usual) it was mainly an online diary about such fascinating things as which knitting pattern I was currently screwing up. It just about whatever I was up to – somewhat mundane but I enjoyed it, and it turned out people read it. Probably not in huge numbers but I didn’t really understand or think about things like stats back then. There were some difficult times to get through – and the blog helped – and when I escaped all that it seemed very natural to let that blog end too.

I started One Million Gold Stars with a mind to having another “here’s my life” blog but somehow it ended up being all about food. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just like with my first blog where I met amazing people, OMG introduced me to so many fabulous friends including, indirectly, the lovely Mr D.

Then in my flibbertygibbet way I jumped to here. I wanted to write about things that didn’t really fit in the remit of OMG. A bit later I realised I should forget things about remits and written whatever I bloody well wanted. That’s my work head and my day job interfering. I thoroughly admire people who blog as a profession, whose sites are essentially online magazines with huge readerships (I’ve had the pleasure to write for some of them). Me, I just want to blather about turning heels. I reckon the point of blogging it to write what makes you happy, and write for yourself.

About cakes gone wrong, sometimes. And the lovely playgroup we found. And the eighth tooth. And trying to grow courgettes.

I like blogging because I like writing. It’s a way for me to remember things, for a start, with my alarmingly appalling memory. I probably don’t want to share everything about our family life as I’m still working out how I feel about the privacy implications for Sproggett when he gets older. Blogging does motivate me to actually finish projects so I can post about them which is only a good thing.

Ironically it was a post from the fab Tots100 that inspired me to write this down, when I have decided that I won’t be displaying any badges (or indeed any badgers as I just Freudianly typed) as this isn’t about writing to a schedule, or “creating content”. I will leave that to those more invested than me and save my scant writing times for personal rants that really mean something to me and the stories I want to keep. Though if you do visit – and if you’ve read this far – then yes, please do comment. If this blog eventually turns up a few pure gold friends, like the ones I’ve found in the past through writing, then I’ll be thrilled.

2 thoughts on “A slow blog

  1. I’m somewhere in the middle. I blog fairly often, 2-3 times a week, and I always have a huge backlog of posts to write but I still read far far more blog content than I write and I still gain huge enjoyment from it. I write about any food- or drink-related content I fancy, even though I’ve been told several times that specialising in just one would increase my readership. That misses the point, because I blog for enjoyment. I do appreciate having readers, of course, I’d be a liar if I said otherwise, and I love interacting with them. I’m still thankful for every single comment I get (except spam!). I do think a lot of bloggers fall into the trap of the ratings game, desperate to climb higher on ranking sites, to increase clicks so they can sell advertising or sell their writing, photography or recipe development skills. That’s OK, people should blog for whatever reasons suit them, but so many people talk about their blogs as a huge chore. I always have a huge list of blog posts to write but that makes me happy, I like having things to share. 😀

  2. Just wanted to say I’m so happy to find this new blog of yours. I was a fan back in the Flibbertygibbet days (in fact, it was your blog that first had me nodding my head in empathy and smiles across the miles, and understanding what all the fuss over blogs was about—Flib inspired me to start mine … humble little island-slow blog that it is! 🙂 … at any rate—Thank You—your delightful stories and writings still send out heart sparkles and have me smiling at the screen!

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