Hello! My name is Gail.  Originally from Ireland, I’ve been resident in London for getting closer to two decades now. I used to spend most of my spare time making, baking, cooking and amassing craft supplies and exploring my adopted home city – particularly around the east end. Now I’ve got a tearaway small boy who would glue himself together and eat sequins if he had half a chance, so my spare time (ha ha ha ha) is mostly spent in the park or trying avoid stepping on pieces of plastic crap that are marketed as toys. Well, it’s either the plastic crap or give him the iPhone. I often give him the iPhone.

Although at first my blog also had crafty pursuits and miscellaneous adventures, it then became pretty much all about food. Now it’s whatever interests me.  Free time is so precious now, but I love that writing this makes me want to explore new places (restaurants, food sources) and new recipes all the time. It also helps me to justify the growing pile of cookbooks. Now I just have to swing how to get a KitchenAid into my fairly small kitchen (we moved house, that sorted that. And my lovely inlaws gave me the best wedding present ever).

‘One Million Gold Stars’ comes from a card that someone gave me, a thank you for work I’d done, just around the time I was setting up my Twitter account. It’s grown from there…

I write and edit professionally elsewhere – for more details, see the ‘Elsewhere‘ page here or visit content-happy.com You can drop me an email on gail dot doggett at gmail dot com.

Please do not reproduce any of the content from this blog without permission.