I had a meltdown this morning. A poonami related one (courtesy of my son). After he peed on me too, I just burst into tears – I know, we’ve all been there, right?

That’ll teach me to get up and put on clothes that I want to be able to go out in by lunchtime, rather than a last minute change for me before we go. Part of the frustration comes from the fact that none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit well, and losing the baby weight has been more than hard. So what can I do?

I need to have some clothes that fit me, that I like. I haven’t got the disposable income to buy really beautiful things in fabulous fabrics and in my head that would kind of ‘allow’ me to stay this size. So although the poor husband will roll his eyes, the Great British Sewing Bee makes me want to dressmake.

I’ve dug out a few stashed patterns that I’ve wanted to make for a while. I didn’t realise the Built by Wendy patterns had been discontinued. I’m put off her books because everyone says the included patterns come up really small. I’m going to experiment with them — I think the Built by Wendy shirt will need bust alterations – and use non precious stash fabric. At least that will help with decluttering right? I definitely honestly won’t go to the market and buy any more, no sir no way.

Then the other sewing project is to finally finish the boy’s quilt. All it needs it to be bound. He’s quite enamoured of our bedsize version.

Some great reads

Some new or sometimes just recently discovered reads:

  • Tips for new and not so new dads, a guest post by SAHDAndProud, who doesn’t seem to be blogging any more unfortunately.
  • Cara from Big Girls Small Kitchen extols the virtues of Kerrygold. Ah, a woman after my own heart. Though I’ve never felt the need to make my own butter.
  • An elegant and modern baby quilt that could use up really small scraps of fabric for the contrast zig zag on Ahhh…Quilting
  • Although I actively shunned it until about a year ago, I’m a convert to aubergines and these Nigel Slater recipes all whet the appetite
  • love this tutorial for zippered bags, and how to finish them really neatly on Fish Sticks designs, via Attic 24

Photo from Seq’s Flickr stream under a Creative Commons licence

Quilting for Baby E

I’ve kind of got my sewing mojo back. Well, I finished a project – I started this ages ago (to “get ahead of myself” and then didn’t get around to quilting and binding it until the day it was to be handed over.

It’s backed with a fleece blanket from that Swedish retailer – which, in full baby brain mode, is white – what was I thinking? It was a good way to use a charm pack although I”m still unsure of that black square at the bottom, and some Marsha McCloskey “More Fat 8ths and Friends” which I’ve been hoarding for ever. It has four coordinating prints running lengthwise along the yardage so you’re supposed to cut it up into eighths but I never got around to it. 

I reacquainted myself with Heather Bailey’s brilliant continuous binding tutorial and powered through attaching it to the front. Then sat down to hand sew the binding to the back. I’d completely forgotten how meditative and calming it is to make those tiny stitches, over and over.